The rules of Confidentiality

One of the aims of the site is to preserve your confidentiality. These rules of confidentiality are referred on the site. They use to manage data gathering and applying.

These rules of confidentiality, in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions, elucidate what we will do with your private info or what occurs to any private data that you show, or that we compile from you. If you use this web page, you consent with the order of data using attached in rules.

 Obtaining of your private data

We compile such private data as your e-mail, name, nickname, location or mobile number when you register on the web page and get admittance. Therewith, it compiles demographic facts, like your Postal/Area numbers and state.

It compiles such info as your IP direction, browser class, domain names, access times and referring web-pages directions automatically. Such facts we use to give more quality service, overview the use of the website.

For payment, we can ask your credit card features. We guarantee that these facts will be securely stored and processed by our secure servers. But you should keep in mind if you directly show private identifiable or other data other users can utilize it. The service could not read, explore your private online messages, and not carry any liability for its content and deploy by third parties.

It is notably significant to protect the confidentiality of young children. We consciously do not compile or sustain private identifiable or non-private-identifiable data on the site from people less 13 years of age. The whole site is not for using for such persons. If we reveal data about users under 13 (it proved without affirmed parental consensus), we will extract such info.

Applying of your private info

We compile and apply your private data to manage the site. Applying your private info gives us the potential to apprise you about our projects or services that are accessible. We may also offer to fill in surveys to be aware of out your view of actual services or of feasible new services that could be proposed.

The policy of the web page is forbidden to merchandise, lease or pass its registered User schedules to third parties. The site may segregate info with fiduciary partners to assist us to commit statistical research, transmit your email or postal mail, guarantee clients backing, or organize for deliveries. If you subscribed to it, we could send to your email marketing proposals. All third participants whose services are applied by the web page are interdicted from applying your private info except to ensure these services to it, and they should guarantee to keep your private info.

We do not apply or reveal delicate private facts as race, faith, or political priorities, without your definition permit.

We monitor websites and pages that Users attend within it, to diagnose what services are the most readable. It serves to us to set your priorities and send ads.

Revealing of your info

We will unfold your private info, without notification, only if obligatory to do by lex or that such operation is essential to:

(a) Submit to the decrees of the lex or obey with legal process served the site;

(b) Guard and uphold the rights or proprietorship of it;

(c) If necessary to uphold the private safeness of users of it.

Other links

This site can apply links of various websites for your awareness. These sites have their proper rules of confidentiality. We suggest you to review the rules of confidentiality of sites that you select to link. You could realize how those sites compile, apply and share your data. We are not liable for the rules of confidentiality or other info on other sites.

Usage of COOKIES

This site may compile info about your overall Internet traffic by applying cookies. These cookies are set to your PC automatically. A cookie is a text file that is on your hard disk by a website server. They can not be applied to launch programs or bring bugs to your PC. Cookies are individually appointed to you. They can be checked by a web server in the domain that provided the cookie to you. The website applies “cookies” to find out your online experience.

 The web page may compile such data: IP direction, ID session, domain, class of a browser. Such class of info will not spot you in person: it is analytical data about our clients, usage of our site. This analytical info does not diagnose any private details whatsoever.

 Cookies are used to ensure an easement to economize your time. The target of a cookie is to report a server that you come back to a determined page. Like, if you registered on a site or services, a cookie assists to recollection your determined facts on succeeding visits. This streamlines the act of registration your private info. Another time when you will visit the same page, the info you preliminarily provided can be recovered, you can loosely apply features of the site that you personalized.

You have the capacity to concede or refuse cookies. Generality web browsers unquestionably concede cookies, but you can transfigure your browser tuning to refuse cookies. Various links that are on our site may also apply cookies, and it has no verification on them. Such cookies would be loaded if you click on ads on the site or attend sites.

Preservation of your private info

The site may pass your private and represented data that is compiled from you to our key server for processing and preserving. If you submit such data, you consent to this conversion, preserving or processing.

We will make all to guarantee that your info is processed safely without any deprivation, overuse or modification and in conformity with these rules of confidentiality.

It guarantees the info you provide on servers to uphold from unallowed access, applying or revelation.

To uphold your confidentiality and security, we will do all to confirm your identity, as a password and user ID, before permit accession to your data.

Even if you delete an account, your data may keep stored in archive on our servers. We do not transmit or apply data connected to a closed account of a person. If you write a comment on the site, you consent that it is admitted to using your comments linked to your account.

The passing info via the internet is not entirely reliable. The site cannot ensure the preservation of data transmitted to us electronically. The passing of such facts is totally at your own peril.

Revision of these rules and OPT-OUT

We will periodically innovate these rules of confidentiality to react on users feedback. We may inform you by posting a conspicuous ad on our web pages. We foster you to occasionally review these rules of confidentiality to be apprised about how the site is keeping your info.


We approve your offerings and queries regarding these rules of confidentiality.

If you consider that the site does not abide these rules, please contact us. We will apply commercially rational attempts to promptly diagnose and fix the problem.

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